Forecast is the body of work that I have been developing for the last five years. Inspired by a physical journey of some swallows travelling from the earth’s south to the north -where a thunderstorm just above Greece literally immobilized them in the ground- it morphs into an anthropocentric and allegorical journey of poetic photography.
A photographic corpus which includes sets of pictures that challenge and exceed linear photographic narratives by altering transformational elliptic patterns of image repetition and by conveying a story-telling that almost never ends. A concept heavily inspired by fugues in music and by the earth’s movement in space and the change of seasons.
A narration that highlights the minimal ambience of the universal drive of life itself, originating in (and surrounded by) the forces of nature, whilst having in its core; the abstract and the lyrical that give meaning to our existence and humanity.

-If the demand of humanity’s physical and philosophical questions is that for humans to understand the Cosmos, art reverses this demand. The terrifying demand posed by art is humans’ need to be understood by the Cosmos.
George Chimonas (Greek author/ 1938 – 2000)

This work is also accompanied by an original music score - composition written by and performed by Greek composer and pianist Daphne Kotsiani which is then elliptically remixed by various Greek composers and music artists.

Published by Origini Edizioni

Handmade slipcase in washable paper (vegan leather) and hard cardboard; painted in indian ink on the back.
Photos and text by Ilias Georgiadis.
Original score for piano by Daphne Kotsiani + variations by Y. Fotiadis, D. Joss and I. Dimitriadis. QR code included.
Editing and design by Christos Vatalachos and Ilias Georgiadis.
Book design and implementation by Origini edizioni.
Perfect binding, 56 pages, 58 photos, b/w
Paper: Musa Burgo 85 gr + Bossotti EcoBlack Nero 3mm
Closed book dimensions 15x23 cm.
Handmade Coptic binding + hard cardboard box ink-jet printed on the cover + tape with original score.
Handmade Coptic binding + Handmade slipcase in washable paper (vegan leather) and hard cardboard, painted in indian ink on the back.