<> In 2011, Coil Magazine was created by two close friends, Ilias Georgiadis and Iraklis Dimitriadis.
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+Their introductory text:

"In our attempt to explore and comprehend some certain photographic voices,we started gathering material from photographers who share some common influences, or even working methods.
Coil magazine is a non-profit-independent online publication, featuring selected works from those photographers.
We would like to thank everyone who has participated in our effort and invite everyone interested in it to contact us."

+The beginning:

"In April 2012 the first issue of Coil magazine was published as an experiment by showing complete bodies of work in an on-line magazine layout. We wanted to focus on bodies of works. We realized that the whole thing works on its own as an on-line publication, rather as an imitation of a printed book. We started gathering material and we came in touch and shared our idea with photographers whose works we had already been familiar with."

+The name:

"The name was a simple idea and was chosen mainly because it sounds nice and it looks nice when it is written down. Also, it could work as an extension of the whole and give various hints. The word « coil » and the spiral are symbols and can be interpreted differently by different people. The word « coil » could be an audiovisual statement on its own and can function as an introduction to what follows."

+Complete list of photographers featured in Coil Magazine:

Igor Posner ++ Alisa Resnik ++ Adam Cohen ++ Gael Bonnefon ++ Frederico Azevedo ++ Fabien Pio ++ Arja Hyytiainen ++ Anders Petersen ++ Piotr Zbierski ++ Clara Chichin ++ Lorenzo Castore ++ Damien Daufresne ++ Klavdij Sluban ++ Gabrielle Duplantier ++ Guido Gazzilli ++ Michael Ackerman ++ Olivier Pin-Fat ++ Jehsong Baak ++ German Peraire ++ Stephane Charpentier ++ Ester Vonplon ++ Dimitris Triantafyllou ++ Yulia Kazban ++ Minas Papadopoulos ++ Angelica Sarkysian ++ Anonymous ++ Stavros Papadopoulos ++ Lukas Vasilikos ++ Nikos Pandazaras

*In 2014, three years after the first publication, Coil's success was celebrated in a special event named "Coil Project" that came along with a new issue, Coil 07.
"Coil Project" was an one-day-one-night event where from 17:00h until 21:30h photographic slideshows were projected in a loop mode basis. After that, an audio-visual experiment started, where the contemporary cello performer Nikos Veliotis tried to improvise and to create a dialog with the images that were projected during his performance, attempting to set and install a unique narrative.

"Coil Project" - TEASER VIDEO